Hey there! First of all, really happy to launch this site :) As the slogan says, this site is just another different way to learn Chinese in a funny and cute way.

How it works

AboutIt works easily as everybody can understand and makes you happy (maybe). as the dog picture shows here, every picture (drawing) shows you 4 items about a single Chinese word, they are: pinyin -> Chinese Character -> English -> a little story about the Chinese. That’s it.

Even if you’re going to learn some English words, that’s good for you, also. People usually say that “A picture is worth a thousand words” – sometimes, an image may be more meaningful than a substantial amount of text or a teacher’s millions of words in the 45-minute class. Well, I’m not a Chinese teacher and this drawing idea is not a professional course for you to learn Chinese. I just think this idea is funny, visual, cute and even makes an impression. Maybe you can learn something here you can’t learn from a Chinese class or something like that.

Don’t focus on it too much

As I said above, as much as you might like my drawings, they are just a small part of your Chinese studying plan, like the dessert after dinner.


Here I’d like to say “thank you” to my big brother, Jeff, who’s a nice American. (I called him Mr All-Over-the-Web.) A couple of weeks ago, we’re talking about learning Chinese, and I taught him some simple Chinese words. I saw a notebook and a cute pen next to my hand, so I picked them up and made some drawings for him to give him a better understanding of the Chinese words. That’s the story. And as long as I made the drawings, I found I really like them and love doing that, it’s fun and a little helpful.

So, I’ve made the drawings and built this site just for fun and if it helps you for your Chinese, it’d be great and not so bad, haha.

Copyright & disclaimer

huazhongwen.com and all contents copyright 2009 – 2015 by Christopher Jack, unless otherwise noted. Drawings, visual design, layout and stylesheets may not be used without permission. And the content of the articles on huazhongwen.com by Christopher Jack are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

Hope you like my drawings and enjoy being here!